The SMX 12 is a compact, extremely versatile 2-way passive coaxial monitor in bass reflex design. Thanks to the built-in 12″-LF with powerful 3″ voice coil and a 1″-HF with 1.7″ voice coil, the SMX 12 monitor is powerful and assertive in any mix and has a harmonious, neutral sound character. This allows any musician to hear themselves better and bring out every nuance of their performance. The clearly audible signal in the 80° x 80° coverage angle is easy on any singer’s voice – the more precise they hear themselves, the less effort is required for their performance. At the same time, the SMX 12 monitor remains uncomplicated and feedback-proof.

With a power handling of 1,600 W (peak) and 136 dB max. SPL (peak), the SMX 12 boasts an impressive stage presence, yet keeps distortion at an extremely low level over the entire frequency range from 60 Hz to 20 kHz. The high sensitivity of 99 dB enables smooth, powerful reproduction throughout the entire dynamic range.


12" High efficiency woofer

3 handles for easy handling in all situations

Recessed connector panel

SMX 12 is a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring requirements on and off stage.

Gain and a special preset selector with 8 practical factory settings increase the application range.

Due to the recessed I/O panel of the monitoring system, no connectors are visible to the viewer.


SMX 12

SMX 12 Rigg-Mount

Maximum Versatility

SMX 12 and SMX 12A are excellent stage monitors – and much more. The extensive accessories allow for a large number of different applications besides classic monitoring. The centrepiece is the SMX 12 UB mounting frame – it allows the SMX 12 and SMX 12A to be tilted steplessly, for example, for wall mounting. With the SMX 12A mounting pole, the SMX monitors can be mounted on a subwoofer in a flash and thus become an ultra-portable PA system or a quickly set-up side fill. Rigging is also possible with the SMX 12 or SMX 12A flown as front fill, for example. In short, using the speakers of the SMX Series exclusively as monitors is an excellent choice – but almost a waste.
SMX 12 Rigg-Mount



This U-bracket provides mounting holes for wall mounting or pole support adapter PS35 or other industry-standard hardware, like truss clamp.


Pole support adapter, model PS35, M10 to 35 mm speaker poles.



SMX 12 transport and storage protection cover


Model:                                                                         SMX 12

Frequency range (-3 dB)*:125 Hz – 16 kHz
Frequency range (-10 dB)*:60 Hz – 20 kHz
Coverage angles (-6dB) [H x V]:80° x 80°
Nominal impedance:LF: 8 Ω HF: 16 Ω
Sensitivity *:99 dB
Peak power:1600 W
Continuous power **:400 W
Maximum Peak SPL ***:136 dB
System type:2-way coaxial system
Crossover type:LPF: Butterworth 2nd Order
HPF: Butterworth 3th Order
Crossover frequency:1.3 kHz
Transducers:Coaxial driver with:
LF: 1 x 12″ driver (3″ voice coil)
HF: 1″ compression driver (1.7″ voice coil)
Enclosure type:Vented box
Connectors:Input signal: 1 x Neutrik speakON® NL4
Link output: 1 x Neutrik speakON® NL4
Wiring:Pins 1+ / 1- : driver
Product dimensions [H x W x D] (Including rigging):368 x 450 x 575 mm
Net weight:19 kg
Packaging dimensions [H x W x D]:447 x 535 x 660 mm
Total weight:23 kg
Cabinet:15 mm plywood
Cabinet finishing:Black polyurea coating
Grille:Powder coated perforated steel
Hardware:1 top and 2 side handles embedded in cabinet
Rubber feet
2 x M10 for U-bracket mounting
U-bracket:SMX 12UB
M10 screw to 35mm pole socket:PS35
Transport cover:SMX 12TC
All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

* 1 Whole space, 1W / 1m, on-axis
** According to EIA-426B Standard
*** Max Peak SPL = Sensitivity + 10log10(Continuous Power) + 12 dB Crest Factor