The M-F3A SUB is a V-shaped double 10” bandpass subwoofer, also powered by a built-in 400 Watt class-D amplifier and equipped with switching mode power supply. Its compact and efficient design allows the subwoofer to perform greatly in all kinds of environments and its size guarantees very flexible subwoofer placement.

M-F3A SUB는 V-shaped double 10" bandpass 서브우퍼로, 400와트급 class-D 앰프에 의해 구동되며 스위칭 모드 전원 공급 장치가 장착되어 있습니다. 컴팩트하고 효율적인 디자인은 서브우퍼가 모든 종류의 환경에서 큰 성능을 발휘할 수 있도록 하며 아담한 크기는 매우 유연한 서브우퍼 배치를 보장합니다. 


Type10” V construction, bandpass
Frequency response (-6 dB)46 Hz - 180 Hz  
Power output (RMS)400 W  
Max. SPL (1 m) 129 dB peak  
Transducer LF2 × 10”, ferrite magnet, 2” voice coil
Power ampilifer typeClass D amplifier, SMPS
Input sensitivity-18 dBV
ignal processingDSP, 48 kHz, 24 bits
ProtectionMultiple limiter, short circuit, overheating
ControlsOn / Off  switch, sub level, low pass frequency knob, 0°- 180° phase switch 
IndicatorsOn, signal, limit, protect
Line Input / OutputInput XLR / Router-output XLR
Power Input / OutputNeutrik PowerCon (Max: 15 A)(Series can be at most 6 pcs)(220 V: 6 pcs)
Cabinet / Coating15 mm plywood, black polyurea coating
Dimensions (W x H x D)421 × 507 × 510 mm
28 kg