Small Size Plus Plug & Play

The M-Line consists of self-powered modular PA systems suitable for in and outdoor audiences ranging from small crowds to a few thousand people. When extremely natural sound matters and/or space for placing is scarce, you will benefi t from the solutions off ered by this fl exible, compact and sophisticated product line.

Plug & Play

Easy-to-handle controls, tailor-made amplifi ers with ready-to-go DSP settings allow for super fast setup times with amazing results. All amplifi ers are combined with rock-solid DSP fi ltering and limiting, providing outstanding audio quality, whilst ensuring worry-free driver protection. Every product is available in both black and white polyurea coated fi nishes. Every component is exclusively designed and made by SE AUDIOTECHNIK. The variety of accessories allows you to operate and scale the system according to the application with minimum eff ort and resources needed.




M-Line comprises our ultra-compact, autonomous multi-purpose system with its flagship, the M-F3A PRO Line Array, which is supported by active subwoofers in the lower bass range.

With its ultra-compact form, high efficiency and unique configuration, L-Line embodies the core principles that drive SE AUDIOTECHNIK.

I-Line combines aesthetics with crystal-clear speech reproduction and dynamic music playback, thus meeting the high demands of fixed installations to a particular degree.



  Stage Monitoring

C-Line offers a lightweight, easy to set up active column solution with versatile connection options and an integrated small mixing console that meets the needs of every user.

B-Line subwoofers can be combined with other SE products to create depth and distortion-free bass and provide scalable systems that meet the requirements of portable amplifiers and fixed installations.

Our new SMX loudspeakers are a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring applications and for use off stage.

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InternationalSchalldruck GmbH - Berlin

Schalldruck GmbH - Berlin: Premium Partner from SE Audiotechnik

Several thousand visitors from politics and business were expected at the Berlin Central District Hotel for the CDU’s Business Day in Berlin.

The company Schalldruck from Berlin and technical service provider for the entire event, used the M-Line from SE-Audiotechnik for this large event in several halls out of conviction.

Managing Director Florian Grund:

“We are very enthusiastic about and absolutely convinced by the range, the sound, the speech intelligibility, the discreet appearance and the fast handling of the M-Line.

That is why we have invested extensively in SE audio products of the M-Line. In the meantime, we have successfully used them for conferences, galas, rock’n’roll events, etc. for up to 1500 people.

For the CDU Wirtschaftstag in Berlin, we used more than 24 MF3A Pro tops and various basses from the B-Line and adapted them to the respective hall.”

Save #lifetime!

Edelmat. event technology shows how easy the line arrays 

from SE Audiotechnik are to set up with the M-F3A PRO

Less lugging, faster deep relaxation!

Benefit from 100% German PA quality for 40 years!

Manne Sumfleth will arrange your test demonstration:

Schalldruck GmbH – Berlin

Successful ISE 2022 in Barcelona

SE Audiotechnik at koba 2022