M-Line comprises our ultra-compact, autonomous multi-purpose system with its flagship, the M-F3A PRO Line Array, which is supported by active subwoofers in the lower bass range.

With its ultra-compact form, high efficiency and unique configuration, L-Line embodies the core principles that drive SE AUDIOTECHNIK.

I-Line combines aesthetics with crystal-clear speech reproduction and dynamic music playback, thus meeting the high demands of fixed installations to a particular degree.

Stage Monitoring

COX-Line The compact and versatile coaxial loudspeaker systems provide a clear and coherent sound with an excellent spatial resolution and uniform sound dispersion.

B-Line subwoofers can be combined with other SE products to create depth and distortion-free bass and provide scalable systems that meet the requirements of portable amplifiers and fixed installations.

Our new SMX loudspeakers are a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring applications and for use off stage.

M-F3A PRO Place in position. Turn on. Get started

With the plug-and-play approach, the M-F3A PRO system is instantly ready for action. The M-F3A PRO line array is easy to use and always delivers a great listening experience. The M-F3A PRO system is modular and scalable. Events and installations for small groups or a whole crowd of some thousands of listeners are no problem.


InternationalSocio-cultural centre "Cobra"

After months of renovation and technical modernisation, the Cobra, a cult venue in Solingen, finally reopened its doors at the beginning of the year with an impressive reopening concert by “Bounce”. However, the path to relaunching the cultural programme was not easy.

Following routine inspections, flaws in the roof construction from the 1930s were discovered and required extensive renovation work. As a result, many events initially had to be cancelled or postponed. The “Cobra” team led by Managing Director Anja Stock fought passionately and successfully to preserve the very important cultural centre. Once the continuation of the unique Solingen venue was secured, not only the necessary work on the building was carried out, but the entire event area was also renovated and modernised.

As a company based in Solingen, we are delighted to be able to support the local cultural scene and make our contribution to successful events with first-class sound. We had the honour and the great pleasure of enlivening the event hall, which can accommodate several hundred guests, with our loudspeaker systems.

Ugis Vilcans, our audio engineer and application expert, designed the ideal system for the “Cobra“. Together with Gwydion Falk, head sound engineer at our SE AUDIOTECHNIK partner “Thöne & Partner” from Wuppertal, who helped install the system, the system was calibrated and aligned.

The installed sound system consists of a harmonised combination of components from our M-Line, B-Line and SMX-Line. Our ultra-compact M-F3A PRO line array system was flown to the left and right of the stage in conjunction with the matching M-F3A FS bass extension modules to ensure even sound field coverage, a balanced sound and very high speech intelligibility. Our B 21A subwoofer. are responsible for the perceptible sound experience. They provide a powerful and precise bass foundation. The subwoofers were positioned in front of and below the stage to complement the system design. Our SMX 12A monitors are used on stage to provide the artists with a complete and clear sound experience and inspire them to perform at their best.

Two concerts by the Jon Bon Jovi cover band “Bounce” took place immediately after all the work was completed, at which the new system celebrated its debut. The feedback was consistently positive – both the organisers and the enthusiastic audience were completely convinced by the outstanding sound quality of the “new” sound, as was confirmed to us several times with bright eyes. There was even talk of a quantum leap in terms of the sound.

Following the more than successful reopening of the cultural centre, there will once again be many inspiring, stimulating, and diverse cultural events in the “Cobra” in the future. We are proud to be there every time with our loudspeaker systems and to offer all creative artists the best sound conditions for their work.

Further information about the socio-cultural centre “Cobra” in Solingen can be found on their official website:

Comprehensive information about our ultra-compact line array and our subwoofers can be found here:


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