M-Line comprises our ultra-compact, autonomous multi-purpose system with its flagship, the M-F3A PRO Line Array, which is supported by active subwoofers in the lower bass range.

With its ultra-compact form, high efficiency and unique configuration, L-Line embodies the core principles that drive SE AUDIOTECHNIK.

I-Line combines aesthetics with crystal-clear speech reproduction and dynamic music playback, thus meeting the high demands of fixed installations to a particular degree.

Stage Monitoring

COX-Line The compact and versatile coaxial loudspeaker systems provide a clear and coherent sound with an excellent spatial resolution and uniform sound dispersion.

B-Line subwoofers can be combined with other SE products to create depth and distortion-free bass and provide scalable systems that meet the requirements of portable amplifiers and fixed installations.

Our new SMX loudspeakers are a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring applications and for use off stage.

M-F3A PRO Place in position. Turn on. Get started

With the plug-and-play approach, the M-F3A PRO system is instantly ready for action. The M-F3A PRO line array is easy to use and always delivers a great listening experience. The M-F3A PRO system is modular and scalable. Events and installations for small groups or a whole crowd of some thousands of listeners are no problem.

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Save #lifetime!

Edelmat. event technology shows how easy the line arrays 

from SE Audiotechnik are to set up with the M-F3A PRO

Less lugging, faster deep relaxation!

Benefit from 100% German PA quality for 40 years!

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