C6SE (출시예정)

Compact Footprint | Stackable | Multipurpose

The C 6 SE normally acts as a remote-controlled addition to our versatile C 6 column system in order to extend its fundamental bass sound.

With its built-in 800W amplifier the C 6 SE subwoofer also is able to act as a standalone subwoofer as a bass extension. In any case it will push the bass fundamental to a higher sophisticated level.


Easy setup

By simply stacking another C 6 unit with its base- and the two column modules onto this subwoofer extension, you push bass sound to an extended limit.

Stable base

The subwoofer enclosure with the controls at its back not only serves as a stable base for a whole C6 system with its additional bass and columns, but also features two 10" bassreflex woofers, which deliver plenty of punch with rich lows down to 50 Hz. Furthermore, it comprises the class-D and class A/B amplifiers with a total power of 1500 W.


Type:Subwoofer extension for C6 (controlled by C6) or standalone subwoofer
Transducers LF:2x 10" woofers (2.5" VC)
Crossover frequencies:Slave mode: 250 Hz, Standalone mode: Variable low pass 4th order, 80Hz -180 Hz
Frequency response (-3dB):50 Hz – 250Hz
Max SPL (@1m) *126 dB
Cabinet:Plywood, black polyurea coating
Audio inputs:1x Subwoofer In (XLR Combo) 1x Subwoofer Out (XLR)
Indicator LEDs:Power on, Signal, Limit, Protect
Controls:1x Subwoofer Level 1x Lowpass Crossover 1x Phase switch 0°/180°
DSP:48kHz, 24-bit processor with extended dynamics processing Latency: 1.1 msec
Amplification:800W Class-D
Signal processing:Crossover, Limiter, EQ
Protection:Short Circuit, Temperature, Current Limit
Mains connection:Neutrik Powercon®
Mains power:100 – 240 VAC
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm:744 x 337 x 506
Weight:~ 26 kg