M-F3A is a compact and scale able active array system of small size and light weight. Each M-F3A contains 8 pieces of high-efficiency 2.8" full range speakers and 7 pieces of 1" direct radiate tweeter w/o horn, all vertically aligned to form a line array. Combining these components on the area of an A4 paper and weighing only 8 kg, each speaker box can produce an impressive 123 dB SPL continuously and 128 dB peak SPL. Built-in high class SMPS technology and two-channel class-D amplifiers, together with proprietary DSP- filtering and limiting, ensure a reliable and steady performance at all times.  

Small size, high SPL

The M-F3A features small size, same front size as an A4 paper and a weight of only 8kg. Still, one unit of this compact array delivers 123dB SPL max continuously (128dB peak). Advanced cooling and venting measures keep power compression at a minimum.

Plug and play

The M-F3A is designed to perfect sound for plug and play. Built in high class SMPS technology, two channel class-D amplifier together with proprietary DSP- filtering and limiting, relives you from head aches which and how settings should be used 

Line source

Each unit is already a line array in itself with very wide horizontal and precise controlled vertical dispersion.


Because of its compact array design from the ground up, M-F3A can be scaled for a great variety of uses and venues. From single wall mounting use up to a 4.8m long array, delivering a continuous max SPL of 135dB and exceptional directivity.


Model NameM-F3A
Type: 2.8" Bassreflex
Frequency Range (-6dB) :120 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Handling(RMS):200 W + 200 W
Max. SPL (1m) :128 dB
Max. Qty of rigging (12: 1 Safety Factor, using s)))e original accessories):18 pcs
Dispersion(H × V):120° × 16°
transducer MF:8 × 2.8” Neodymium Magnet with cooling module, 0.75”Voice Coil
transducer HF:7× 1”Neodymium Magnet, 1”Voice Coil
Power Ampilifer Type :Class D amplifier, SMPS
Input Sensitivity :-4 dBV
Signal Processing :DSP, 48 kHz, 24 bits
Protection :Multiple limiter, short circuit, overheating
Controls :On / Off switch, main level, high shelf knob
Indicators :On, signal, limit, protect
Line Input / Output :Input XLR / Router-output XLR
Power Input / Output :Neutrik PowerCon
Cabinet / Paint :12 mm plywood, black polyurea coating
Dimensions (W × H × D) :210 × 317 × 359 mm
Weight:8 kg
Type:10” V construction, bandpass
Frequency Range (-6dB) :40 Hz - 250 Hz
Power Handling(RMS):400 W
Max. SPL (1m) :129 dB
transducer LF:2 × 10" Ferrite, 2" voice coil
Power Ampilifer Type:Class D amplifier, SMPS
Input Sensitivity:-18 dBV
Signal Processing :DSP, 48 kHz, 24 bits
Protection:Multiple limiter, short circuit, overheating
Controls:On / Off switch, sub level, low pass frequency knob, 0°- 180° phase switch
Indicators:On, signal, limit, protect
Line Input / Output:input XLR/ Router-output XLR
Power Input / Output :Neutrik PowerCon
Cabinet / Paint:15 mm plywood, black polyurea paint
Dimensions (W × H × D) :421 × 507 × 510 mm
Weight:28 Kg