M-F3A PRO is an ultra-compact active line array system which offers crystal-clear sound reproduction with punchy mids and studio-quality highs, due to its hornless design.

The unique PA sound is achieved by incorporating 8 high-efficiency 2.8″ neodymium mid-frequency drivers, and 7 pieces of 1″ direct radiation dome tweeters into each unit. All these drivers have been designed for high efficiency and extended LF bandwidth. In result, it helps to lower the cut-off frequency in the low-mid band, which makes the vocals sound exceptionally rich and natural.

All drivers are mounted on an A4-sized front surface. Each unit reaches up to 129 dB peak SPL and weighs only 8.3 kg, including amplification and DSP. The M-F3A PRO‘s distinct sound is achieved by a 2-channel 600 W class-D power amplifier, delivering 2x 300 W RMS into the high- and mid-frequency drivers.

Two controls, the Level and the Line Unit selection, offer precise adjustment of the key system parameters, such as attenuation and system voicing, depending on the unit count in the array.

M-F3A PRO는 Horn이 없는 디자인으로  강력한 중음과 스튜디오급의 선명한 사운드를 제공하는 소형 라인 어레이 시스템입니다. 고효율의 2.8“ 네오디뮴 중음 드라이버 8개와 1” 직사 방사선 돔트위터7개의 각 유닛의 조합으로 만들어집니다.각 드라이버는 확장된 LF대역폭 재생을 위해 설계 되었으며, 그 결과 low-mid 대역의 cut-off frequency (차단 주파수)를 낮추어 보컬의 사운드를  풍부하고 자연스럽게 들리게 합니다.

 A4 크기로,  최대 129dB peak SPL에 도달하며, 무게는  8.3kg에 불과 하며, 출력은 2채널 600W (RMS)입니다 

Dome Tweeters

Each M-F3A PRO is equipped with eight 2.8" woofers and seven 1" dome tweeters. To reduce the dimensions of the cabinet and ensure high-fidelity sound, the dome tweeters form the centerpiece of its unique sound. It allows you to deliver hi-fi sound to your audience in a compact size with plenty of power.

각 M-F3A PRO에는 8개의 2.8인치 우퍼와 7개의 1인치 돔 트위터가 장착되어 있습니다. 캐비닛의 치수를 줄이고 높은 충실도의 사운드를 보장하기 위해 장착된 돔 트위터는 독특한 사운드의 중심 피스를 형성합니다. 넉넉한 파워와 콤팩트한 사이즈로 청중들에게 하이파이 사운드를 전달할 수 있습니다.

Built-in DSP

Each M-F3A PRO is equipped with a 600W (300W HF and 300W MF) Class-D power amplifier with switching-mode power supply for minimum weight and maximum flexibility anywhere in the world. Additionally, our 24-bit/48 kHz DSP processor provides signal filtering and ensures maximum driver protection with zero failure rate. 

M-F3A PRO에는 600W(300W HF 및 300W MF)급 파워앰프와 최소 중량과 최대 유연성을 갖춘 스위칭 모드 전원 공급장치가 탑재되어 있습니다. 또한 24비트/48kHz DSP 프로세서는 신호 필터링을 제공하고 driver protection 기능이 내장되어 스피커 드라이브을 최대한 보호하고 있습니다.


EASE® Ready

AFMG® EASE® and EASE® Focus 3 GLL files are available for the whole M-F3A PRO family. This allows users to simulate and calculate various parameters such as audience coverage, SPL, frequency response, splay angles, delay times and more. Files are available in the Downloads section.

M-F3A PRO 제품군에는 AFMG® EASY® 및 EASY® Focus 3 GLL 파일이 제공됩니다. 이를 통해 사용자는 청중 범위, SPL,주파수 응답, 확산 각도, 지연 시간 등과 같은 다양한 파라미터를 시뮬레이션하고 계산할 수 있습니다. 다운로드 섹션에서 파일 사용이 가능합니다.


EASE® and AFMG® are registered trademarks of 

AFMG Technologies GmbH.



Frequency range (-3 dB):  140 Hz - 20 kHz 
 Frequency range (-10 dB):  100 Hz - 20 kHz 
 Coverage angles (-6dB) [H x V]:  120° x 16° 
 Maximum Peak SPL *:  129 dB 
 System type:  2-way active 
 Crossover frequency:  1.9 kHz 
 Transducers:  MF: 8 x 2.8" drivers
 HF: 7 x 1" dome tweeters 
 Enclosure type:  Vented box 


 Type:  2 channel, class-D with SMPS 
 Total Power **:  600 W 
 Output power per channel:  MF: 300 W
 HF: 300 W 
 Protection:  Short circuit, overheating, overcurrent 
 Connectors:  Input signal: balanced XLR 3-pin female
Link output: balanced XLR 3-pin male
Power input: powerCON® 20A
 Power link output: powerCON® 20A 
 Wiring:  Pin N: Neutral
Pin L: Conductor
 Pin E: Ground 
 Input sensitivity:  0 dBu 
 DSP:  48 kHz/24 bit with extended dynamics
 Processing latency: 1.1 ms 
 Processing:  Level, factory EQ presets 
 User controls:  Power: On/Off switch
Level: 8-position rotary knob (-50, -20, -10, -6, -3, -2, -1, 0)
 Line units: 8-position rotary knob (1 - 8+) 


 Product dimensions [H x W x D] (Including rigging):  317 x 265 x 359 mm 
 Net weight:  8.3 kg 
 Packaging dimensions [H x W x D]:  388 x 290 x 440 mm 
 Total weight:  9.5 kg 
 Cabinet:  12 mm plywood 
 Cabinet finishing:  Black or white polyurea coating 
 Grille:  Powder coated perforated steel 
 Hardware:  Rear handle in 12 mm plywood
 plus side grips embedded in cabinet 
 Rigging:  Three-point rigging system, 3 x SE Audiotechnik® 6 mm locking pins 
 Splay angles:  0º, 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º, 6º, 8º 


 Bumper frame:  M-F3A BF 
 U-bracket:  M-F3A UB 
 Pole bar:  SPS20 
 Flight case (4 units):  M-F3A FC 
 Carry-on bag (1 unit):  M-F3A CTB 
 Transport kart (up to 4x4 units):  M-F3A PRO TK44 
 Line rain cover (8, 12 or 18 units):  M-F3A PRO FRC 8 / 12 / 18 
 All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.  *  Measured with 12 dB Crest factor Pink Noise, whole space
 ** Total power value is the sum of all individual channel output power


Bumper frame for flying up to 16 M-F3A or M-F3A PRO, also available in white.

The U-Bracket allows users to attach up to two M-F3A PRO units when pole mounted on any of our subwoofers via an M20 thread.

SPS 20
M20 Pole Support to pole mount an M-F3A or M-F3A PRO on any subwoofer.

Flight Case for four M-F3A or M-F3A PRO.

Transport cart (up to 4x4 units)

Multi Purpose Rigging Frame for rigging of different combinations of M-F3A and M-F3A FS, also available in white.

M-F3A FA34
3 to 4 point adapter for rigging M-F3A FS and M-F3A (or M-F3A PRO), also available in white.

Stacking frame for ground stacking M-F3A PRO cabinets on either S12 PRO, SUB 112BR or SUB 210BP subwoofers, also available in white.


Bremerhaven City Hall opts for an M-Line speaker system by German specialist


Jan Hendrik Banaschewski (Technical Manager):"In our search for a new sound system, we came across SE Audiotechnik from Solingen. We were promptly given the opportunity to have a demonstration of the M-Line in-house. Manne Sumfleth from SE-Audiotechnik, in cooperation with Blue Sound / Herbert Heinze as an executing partner (, demonstrated the advantages of the compact but powerful M-Line system."


Micro System

For audiences of up to 300 people
Equipment per side (L/R): 2x M-F3A PRO Line Array Units +
1x M-F3A UB (U-Bracket) + 1x M-F3A SPS 20 (Distance Pole) +
1x S12 PRO Subwoofer
Range: Short-throw setup
 Applications: presentations, public speeches, small venues, cafés, bars, stage fills

Mini System

For audiences of up to 1,600 people
Equipment per side (L/R): 8x M-F3A PRO Line Array Units +
1x M-F3A BF (Bumper Frame) + 6x S12 PRO Subwoofer
Range: Medium-throw setup
 Applications: touring, live concerts, small festivals, multipurpose halls, event centers

Introduction system

For audiences of up to 1,600 people
Equipment per side (L/R): 8x M-F3A PRO Line Array Units +
1x M-F3A BF (Bumper Frame) + 6x S12 PRO Subwoofer
Range: Medium-throw setup
 Applications: touring, live concerts, small festivals, multipurpose halls, event centers