V-118B / V-218B

15" / Dual 15" Bass-Reflex Subwoofer (Not Available in Europe)

The V-115B is a 15" bassreflex subwoofer with 600W RMS. The V-215B is a dual 15" bassreflex subwoofer with 1200W RMS and 136 dB MAX SPL. Engineered with CATAR Technology (Clear Audio Time Aligned Responds) , it provides an outstanding sound reproduction. Offering plenty of tight and punchy bass, the V-215B blends beautifully with the V-LINE or V-ARRAY and form an excellent full range response with high SPL and clear sound. The uniquely designed cabinets are all made of multiplex and coated with the Polyurea coating-which helps stand up to the tough daily demands of touring and live applications.


Model NameV-118BV-218B
Type: 18" Bandpass Subwoofer
Dual 18" Bass-Reflex Subwoofer
Frequency Range (-6dB) :
Power Output (RMS) :
800W/ 3200W
1600W/ 6400W
Sensitivity (1W / 1M) :
98 dB
MAX SPL (1M) :
136 dB
8 Ω

LF Transducer :
18" Ferrite magnet, 4"voice coil
2 x18" Ferrite magnet, 4" voice coil
Input Interface :
2x Neutrik NL-4
pins+1/-1 input/ THRU, pins+2/-2 N.C.
2x Neutrik NL-4
pins+1/-1 input/ THRU, pins+2/-2 N.C.
Cabinet Material / Coating :
18mm Birch Plywood / Polyurea Paint
18mm Birch Plywood / Polyurea Paint
Dimensions(W × H × D) :
762 x 558 x 762mm
762 x 552 x 1067mm
Net Weight :
Features :
Ergonomic handles,
Threaded flange(M20),
Prepared for transport Wheels

Ergonomic handles,
Prepared for transport Wheels