Professionelle Lautsprechersysteme von SE Audiotechnik: Internationales Entwicklerteam erhält neues Teammitglied

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“I recognize the beauty in a perfectly designed loudspeaker.” Francesco Gatto, electroacoustic engineer from Italy, is the latest to join SE Audiotechnik’s R & D team.

SE Audiotechnik, developer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems from Solingen in Germany, is excited to announce the addition of Francesco Gatto to its international R&D team.

Gatto’s sound engineering career already started at the young age of 14. Through contact with a local rental company in his hometown in northern Italy and the progressive rock formation ‘Goblin’, Gatto’s musical passion and newfound interest in sound engineering allowed him to gain his first experience with sound reinforcement systems. Later Gatto complemented his electroacoustic studies with studies in aerospace and physics with a focus on materials science. As a result, Gatto’s developments strongly benefit from his broad interdisciplinary knowledge.

His first designs in the early 90s included passive stage monitors, which were highly appreciated by renowned Italian artists who were happy to take them on tour. At the end of the 90s, Gatto designed his first line array system for a well-known Italian brand. Therefore, it did not take long for Francesco Gatto to become a highly regarded loudspeaker designer, working for many well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the high-end segment.

After more than 30 years of experience in the pro audio field, Gatto explains, “Design, development and innovation are my passion. I just like designing loudspeakers and striving for the perfect result. Joining the strong team of SE Audiotechnik will enable me to do exactly this.”

Markus Schmittinger, Managing Director of SE Audiotechnik, adds, “We are extremely pleased that Francesco joins our international R&D team based in Germany and China. His passion for the perfect sound fits perfectly with our philosophy – We make YOU sound! Our speaker systems reproduce music and speech in an authentic, powerful and musical way.”

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